Amy's Farm is Closing

Our family has stewarded this land for 35 years. We opened our gates to share this beautiful farm with the public 25 years ago, offering educational field trips and fresh produce to our visitors.  Our hearts are breaking as we share the news that Amy’s Farm must close.  The current landowner is selling the property and the future landowner is silent on the matter.  We have until August 30 to dismantle, remove, transplant, and find homes for everything that we have built here.  We are aware of the extreme loss that our community will feel; we feel it also, immensely. We have hope for the future of Amy’s Farm, but we still do not know what that future will be.

Although we are closing to the public, our work must continue urgently as there is much to accomplish in the next 60 days, ending on August 30.  Please read our website to see tangible ways that you can help us.  We will continue to update our website with news, tasks, and multiple ways that you, our farm community, can help.  We will be accepting volunteers, by appointment only, to come on the farm to help harvest food for donations, help dismantle important equipment, and help to leave the property in “broom clean” condition as the landowner requests. 

Our website is also accepting monetary donations because salvage, storage, and moving expenses are costly.  It is difficult for us to ask for donations for a farm that is closing, as we do not know what the future of Amy’s Farm will be.  But, if you have ever enjoyed this little gem in the past 25 years, we ask that you donate to help us finish well. To donate online, you may use

Go Fund Me https://gofund.me/77c7b77b

or Paypal https://www.paypal.com/US/fundraiser/charity/1591633

Amy's Farm is Closed to the public

Volunteering by appointment

Produce Stand Open with limited hours

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Fridays: 3pm - 6pm   

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Amy's Farm
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