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Our Farm

Our Farm

OUr 2019 Fundraising Campaign has begun!

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Today, we launched our 2018 Fundraising Campaign.  Our goal is to raise $150,000 to continue operations and renew efforts to preserve Amy’s Farm.  We can’t do it without your help.  Will you make a monetary donation to help us meet this goal? Your gift will be tax-deductible. We are also interested in “harvesting” your gently used outdoor furniture, tools, and gardening supplies. Please make your donation now!

come visit uS

Have you booked your tour this year? Amy's Farm is a fun and unique field trip for all ages. School groups, scout groups, church groups, clubs, college classes, health clubs, families, friends... everyone! Enjoy a garden walk, smell fresh herbs, feed the pigs, visit the petting zoo, milk a cow and visit our horses.

Our Farmstand is also open to the public to drop in and shop! No reservations required. Visit us for an array of fresh vegetables and fruits available for sale, enjoy a walk of the farm, and see what is growing.

Drop in and Shop  

Weekdays: (Fall Hours)                                    Saturdays:                                                           Sundays:

9am-5pm Self-Serve Produce Stand             9am-5pm Self-Serve Produce Stand               Closed

9am-5pm Public Hours: Walk the Farm        9am-5pm Public Hours: Walk the Farm                                        and Pumpkin Patch, for families                    and Pumpkin Patch, for families and individuals                             and individuals

Suggested Donation - $10                               Suggested Donation - $10

For a list of this week's availabilities check out what's In the Cooler.

Book a Tour

Experience a hands-on guided tour on a polycultural farm!

Reservations are required.

Book A Tour  >

Weekdays 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Saturdays 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sundays closed

 Amy's Farm is Open Mon. - Sat. (Gates close at 5pm) and closed all day on Sundays  


PRODUCE STAND          public hours to

Hours:                    WALK THE FARM AND                                            PUMPKIN PATCH:

MON. - SAT. :   9 AM - 5PM      MON. - SAT. :   9 AM - 5PM      Suggested Donation:  $10 or shop our Produce Stand
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Amy's Farm
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