Fun on the Farm with your Little One - by Christa Svoboda

  • Grow in his/her knowledge of farm animals
  • Have positive hands on experiences with various animals (such as milking a cow, grooming a horse, feeding chickens...)
  • Gain an appreciation for gardening
  • Develop an excitement for healthy and organic food choices
  • Taste a variety of produce
  • Build lasting memories of family fun on the farm!

Next Available 8 week session:

To be announced!

For children 20 months - 5 years old, adult participation is required.
Cost is $110 per child (Siblings receive a $10 discount) ages 20mos - 5yrs.
Wear closed-toe shoes and bring a bottle of water.

Our early elementary educational program is led by Christa Svoboda.  She is on staff as a tour guide and comes to us with years of educational experience.  She is a teacher with her master's degree in education and she is a mother of two young children.

To register for an 8 week session, please email melissa@amysfarm.com or call our office at 844-4AMYSFARM

The Science of Farming - by Melissa Castaneda

  • Do you love animals and science? 
  • Have you ever wondered just what a farmer does? 
  • Come join us on the farm for a workshop where the farm is our laboratory!

Simple Machines and the Farmer

We will explore an area of physics and the use of Simple Machinery on the farm.  Children will learn the difference between a wedge, screw, lever, wheel and axle, pulley and inclined plane.  Children will also get to make their own simple machine to take home.

Boots, Roots and the Botany Scoop
Young Scientists will explore Life Science in the area of Botany, working in the garden and harvesting seasonal crops. We will learn about what makes up a plant cell and the many important functions by making an edible plant cell. Includes a full guided tour with hands-on activities of feeding the animals, visiting the petting zoo, milking a cow and grooming a horse!

Whoo Whoo are the Barn Owls? 
Children will learn the history of the barn owl and the importance of their survival on the ecosystem.  Young Scientists will also investigate through an owl pellet dissection.

 Worms are Wonderful
Children will learn about the anatomy of a worm through a dissection and the many beneficial uses of worms in the garden.

Cow Eye Dissection
The cow eye is very similar to the human eye.  Children will learn not only about the amazing cow eye…but will discover how amazingly made human eyes are too!

Sheep Heart Dissection
The heart is an amazing organ!  Sheep hearts are similar to the human heart.  Through this dissection, children will have a better understanding of how their own heart functions.

Garden Snake Dissection                                                                                                                       Ssssssstudents will have the opportunity to learn the internal and external anatomy of a garden snake and learn why these sssssspecial creatures are important to the ecosystem.

Fetal Pig Dissection                                                                                                                                          Explore the internal and external anatomy of a fetal pig.  Students will discover much about their own internal organs and how they function in this incredible dissection.

The Science of Farming Workshops are great for children of all ages.  Groups of 10 or more may register for a workshop.  Workshops can be combined to lower costs.

Ask us how!

  • Each workshop includes free exploring and use of the farm.  Individuals may register for one of our workshop dates for the 2016-2017 school year.
  • All workshops require a 10 student minimum; workshops not meeting the minimum are subject to cancellation.  Individuals may add on to preexisting workshops.
  • Registrations may not be canceled 3 weeks prior to the scheduled workshop date. All workshops require a $50 deposit (per group reservation)

Our Science of Farming program is led by our educational director, Melissa Castaneda.  She is a retired teacher and has worked at Amy's Farm for 17 years.  She comes from a background of agriculture and is a third generation, Japanese-American farmer.  Melissa has three children of her own.

Next available workshops:

To be announced

Cost for all 3 workshops combined is $25 per student, or individually at $10 per student

If you have a group of 10 or more that you would like to register for any of the Science of Farming Workshops, please email melissa@amysfarm.com or call our office at 844-4AMYSFARM and we can set up a date and workshop for you.

*Pre-Registration Required* 
Open to all children ages 5 and up

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