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Community Gardens

Community Gardens

Tri-City Demonstration Urban Farm & Community Garden

Our first urban farm is located in Pomona on a vacant lot owned by Tri City Mental Health Center.  This site is designed for demonstration and educational purposes. It includes community garden plots, a meditatiton labyrinth, and a fruit orchard.  


A new venture at Amy's Farm is a partnership with Inland Valley Hope Partners.  We have expanded our planting fields by 60 new vegetable beds.  This enables a larger percentage of fresh produce to be donated to local food banks.  Inland Valley Hope Partners

The story behind the story.....

Three year old Ethan Esparza awoke on November 19th, 2006 to a special Southern California day.  Tomorrow he would turn four, and on this sunny Sunday his family would gather at his grandparent’s house in Pomona to celebrate his birthday.  Later that afternoon, as he played on his grandparent’s front lawn, shots rang out.  Ethan never knew what hit him and he died moments late in his mother’s arms, his life snuffed out by a senseless drive-by gang shooting.  The ensuing public outcry was overwhelming.
Especially disturbing to me, Randy Bekendam, was the fact that my own grandson, Nathan, turned four the same day Ethan would have.  Moved to do something, I founded Operation E.T.H.A.N. and acronym for Everyone Together Healing All Neighborhoods.  Drawing on my background in agriculture, I am pursuing the mission of Operation E.T.H.A.N. by promoting urban farming projects.  
Tri-City Community Demonstration garden is our first such project....

What will you do?

Feel free to email us at info@amysfarm.com if you’d like to be involved or have any suggestions.

Amy's Farm is Closed to the public

Volunteering by appointment

Produce Stand Open with limited hours

PRODUCE STAND             


Fridays: 3pm - 6pm   

Saturdays 9am - 1pm                  

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