in the cooler

In the Cooler

Amy's Farm Availabilities for the month of April:


Carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, Easter egg radish, cilantro, beets, bunching onions, chives, grapefruit, salad mix, spicy salad mix, curly kale, baby mustard greens, red Russian kale, arugula, dinosaur kale, rainbow Swiss chard, collard greens, tatsoi, fennel, broccoli, watermelon radish, golden beets, French breakfast radish, turnips, Italian parsley, fava beans, extra virgin olive oil, raw local honey, jams, lavender sweetener, organic pork and beef, tomato bisque soup, broccoli pesto, and homemade pasta.

Amy’s Farm is open Mon-Sat, 9-5. We are happy to provide fresh air and fresh produce for our local community. Please respect social distancing 6 ft. rules at all times on the farm, and only one family at a time in the produce stand.

Purchase Fresh Produce

Amy's Farm Stand
9 AM – 5 PM
(No reservations required)

Amy's Farm is Open Mon. - Sat. (Gates close at 5pm) and closed all day on Sundays  


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Hours:                           WALK THE FARM:

MON. - SAT. :   9 AM - 5PM      MON. - SAT. :   9 AM - 5PM
  Suggested Donation:  $10 or shop our Produce Stand

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Amy's Farm
7698 Eucalyptus Avenue
Ontario, CA 91762
(844) 426–9732