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organic-fed pork

A Message from Farmer Randy:
    We adhere to the highest possible standards in  raising our Organic-fed Pork.  No hormones or antibiotics are added to our organic feed which is formulated by Modesto Milling. The ingredients are never genetically modified and provide the optimum nutrients for the growth and health of our animals.  We are able to provide fresh vegetables to their diet from our produce grown here at Amy’s Farm.  All of our meat is USDA inspected and approved and cryovac wrapped. We guarantee superior quality!  Taste the difference.
                Farmer Randy

Grass-Fed Beef is Here! September 2016

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Know your farmer

We invite you to come by and visit our farm.  In doing so, you will have the chance to see first-hand where our animals get to live and grow!  You will also be able to see our fresh, organic produce growing and visit our produce stand. We have an open door policy and welcome visitors from far and wide.  We believe in creating and sustaining a sense of safety and honesty for our visitors to experience.  We have been blessed to observe the healing environment for animals and individuals who spend time here.

As always, we are available to answer any questions you may have or simply have a conversation regarding our belief in sustainable living, healthy food, and healing environments.

(909) 973-4539 - Randy Bekendam 

(844) 426-9732 - Amy's Farm

We hope to hear from you soon!

Organic-Fed Pork and Grass-Fed Beef

Price lists - december 2016 -

All meat Usda inspected and cryovac packaged

Pay Cash, Check, Credit Card/ATM at Amy's Farm only.  No Deliveries

Organic-Fed Pork

CUT / PER LB.    

Shoulder Roast $10.00
Pork Shoulder Steaks  $12.00
Pork Chops, bone in $15.00
Smoked Ham $14.50
Fresh Ham $8.00
Smoked Ham Steaks $15.00
Bacon: Smoked $16.50
Smoked Bacon Bits $15.00
Unsmoked Pork Belly $14.00
Spare Ribs $10.50
Ground Pork $9.00
Sweet Italian Sausage $12.00
Bratworst Sausage $12.00
Farmer Sausage $12.00
Leaf Lard $7.00
Back Fat $5.50
Feet $5.50
Liver, Heart, Kidney $5.00
Pork Bones $5.00
Pork Skin $3.00
Jowls $7.50

Grass-Fed Beef

Ribeye Steaks            $24/lb

Skirt Steak                  $16/lb

Flank Steak                $14/lb

Tri-Tip                        $16/lb

Marrow Bones           $8/lb

Top Sirloin Steak       $14/lb

Stew Meat                  $10/lb

Rump Roast               $8/lb

London Broil              $10/lb

Chuck Roll                  $10/lb

Carne Asada              $8/lb

New York Steak         $20/lb

Brisket                        $11/lb

Flanken Ribs              $10/lb

Petite Tender             $16/lb

Short Ribs                  $10/lb

Filet Mignon               $25/lb

Flat Iron                     $16/lb

Knuckle Bones          $4/lb

Ground Beef              $9/lb

Heart                          $6/lb

Tongue                       $8/lb

Liver                           $8/lb

Tail                              $12/lb

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Amy's Farm Stand
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It's 12:00PM on Monday, January 1

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